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2022 Journals

Dowon Kim, Ilsun You, Seongmin Park, Sungmoon Kwon, "Building and Utilizing Small-Scale Testbed for Research on 5G SA Network-Related Security Vulnerabilities." International Symposium on Mobile Internet Security. 1644: 63-81 Dec. 2022.

Kunwar Singh, C Pandu Rangan, Ilsun You, Amalan Joseph Antony, SK Karthika, Jiyoon Kim, "Efficient Lattice based (H) IB-DRE." J. Wireless Mobile Networks, Ubiquitous Computing, and Dependable Applications. 13(4): 1-23. Dec. 2022.

Pelin Angin, Manolya Atalay, Fatma Ceyda Gokce, Ilsun You, "A Survey on the Security of European 5G Private Networks." Research Briefs on Information and Communication Technology Evolution. 8: 162-181 Dec. 2022.

Seongmin Park, Byungsun Cho, Dowon Kim, Ilsun You, "Machine Learning Based Signaling DDoS Detection System for 5G Stand Alone Core Network." Applied Science. 12(23): 12456 Nov. 2022.

Jiyoon Kim, Dong-Guk Han, Ilsun You, "Design of Secure Authentication Handover Protocol for Innovative Mobile Multimedia Service in 5G MEC Environments." J. Internet Technology. 23(6): 1245-1261 Nov. 2022.

Vikas Sihag, Surya Prakash, Gaurav Choudhary, Nicola Dragoni, Ilsun You, "DIMDA: deep learning and image-based malware detection for Android." FTNCT : Select Proceedings of Fourth International Conference. 936: 895-906 Nov. 2022.

Himanshu Mishra, Vikas Sihag, Gaurav Choudhary, Nicola Dragoni, Ilsun You, "Cloud Storage Client Forensic: Analysis of MEGA Cloud." FTNCT : Select Proceedings of Fourth International Conference. 936: 1099-1110 Nov. 2022.

Fei SongYuyin MaIlsun YouHongke Zhang, "Smart Collaborative Evolvement for Virtual Group Creation in Customized Industrial IoT." IEEE Trans. Netw. Sci. Eng. 10(5): 2514-2524 Oct. 2022.

Bolei Zhang, Lifa Wu, Ilsun You, "Decentralized Policy Coordination in Mobile Sensing with Consensual Communication." Sensors. 22(24): 9584 Oct. 2022.

Meeraj Mahendra Gawde, Gaurav Choudhary, Shishir Kumar Shandilya, Rizwan Ur Rahman, Hoonyong Park, Ilsun You, "Improvised model for blockchain in distributed cloud environment." International Symposium on Cyberspace Safety and Security. 13547: 327-341 Sep. 2022.

Jiyoon KimPhilip Virgil Astillo, Vishal Sharma, Nadra Guizani, Ilsun You, "MoTH: Mobile Terminal Handover Security Protocol for HUB Switching Based on 5G and Beyond (5GB) P2MP Backhaul Environment." IEEE Internet. Things. J. 9(16). Aug. 2022.

Seongmin Park, Ilsun You, Hoonyong Park, Dowon Kim, "Analyzing RRC Replay Attack and Securing Base Station with Practical Method." Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security. 62: 1-8. Aug. 2022.

Ping Xie, Fan Li, Ilsun You, Ling Xing, Honghai Wu, Huahong Ma, "A Secrecy Transmission Protocol with Energy Harvesting for Federated Learning." Sensors. 22(15): 5506 Jul. 2022.

Pakarat Musikawan, Yanika Kongsorot, Ilsun You, Chakchai So-In, "An enhanced deep learning neural network for the detection and identification of android malware." IEEE Internet of Things Journal. 10(10): 8560-8577 Jul. 2022.

Letian Li, Ying Liu, Ilsun You, Fei Song, "A Smart Retransmission Mechanism for Ultra-Reliable Applications in Industrial Wireless Networks." IEEE Trans.Industrial Inf. 19(2): 1988-1996 Jun. 2022.

Sandi RahmadikaPhilip Virgil Astillo, Gaurav Choudhary, Daniel Gerbi Duguma, Vishal Sharma, Ilsun You, "Blockchain-Based Privacy Preservation Scheme for Misbehavior Detection in Lightweight IoMT Devices." IEEE J. Biomedical. Health Inf. 27(2): 710-721 Jun. 2022.

Yuanlong Cao, Ruiwen Ji, Xin Huang, Gang Lei, Xun Shao, Ilsun You, "Empirical mode Decomposition-empowered Network Traffic Anomaly Detection for Secure Multipath TCP Communications." Mobile Networks. Applications. 27: 2254-2263 Jun. 2022.

Fei Song, Letian Li, Ilsun You, Shui Yu, Hongke Zhang, "Optimizing High-Speed Mobile Networks with Smart Collaborative Theory." IEEE Wireless Communications. 29(3): 48-54 Jun. 2022.

Seongmin ParkSungMoon KwonYoungkwon ParkDowon KimIlsun You, "Session Management for Security Systems in 5G Standalone Network." IEEE Access 10: 73421-73436. Jun. 2022.

Daniel Gerbi Duguma, Jiyoon Kim, Sangmin Lee, Nam-Su Jho, Vishal Sharma, Ilsun You, "A lightweight D2D security protocol with request-forecasting for next-generation mobile networks", CONNECTION SCIENCE,

Vol. 34, pp. 362-386, Jun.2022.


Ilsun You, Philip Virgil Berrer Astillo, "IIMB-Lite: Lightweight Misbehavior Detection Approach for Insulin Infusion System." Proccedings of the 9th ACM on ASIA Public-Key Cryptography Workshop. 1-2. May. 2022.

Ashok Kumar Das, Basudeb Bera, Sourav Saha, Neeraj Kumar, Ilsun You, Han-Chieh Chao, "AI-Envisioned Blockchain-Enabled Signature-Based Key Management Scheme for Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems", IEEE Internet of Things,

Vol. 9, pp. 6374-6388, Mar. 2022.

Sakorn Mekruksavanich, Ponnipa Jantawong, Ilsun You, Anuchit Jitpattanakul, "A Hybrid Deep Neural Network for Classifying Transportation Modes based on Human Activity Vibration", Knowledge and Smart Technology (KST), 

pp.114-118, Mar .2022.

Ajung Im, Sandi Rahmadika, Yong-Hwan Lee, Bonam Kim, Ilsun You "A Note on Enactment of Blockchain for HACCP-based Cooperative Model", JOURNAL OF INTERNET SERVICES AND INFORMATION, Vol. 12, pp. 44-56, Mar .2022.


Philip Virgil Astillo, Daniel Gerbi Duguma, Hoonyong Park, Jiyoon Kim, Bonam Kim, Ilsun You, "Federated intelligence of anomaly detection agent in IoTMD-enabled Diabetes Management Control System", FUTURE GENERATION COMPUTER SYSTEMS, Vol. 128, pp. 395-405, Mar. 2022.

Fabio Arena, Giovanni Pau, Anca Ralescu, Alessandro Severino, Ilsun You, "Research Article An Innovative Framework for Dynamic Traffic Lights Management Based on the Combined Use of Fuzzy Logic and Several Network Architectures." J. Advanced Transportation, 2022: 1-17. Feb. 2022.  

Gaurav Dave, Gaurav Choudhary, Vikas Sihag, Ilsun You, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, "Cyber security challenges in aviation communication, navigation, and surveillance", Computer & Security (COSE), Vol. 112, pp. 102516:1-14, Jan. 2022.

Mario Collotta, Ilsun You, Sherali Zeadally, Fei Song, "Introduction to the special section on Smart Green Applications: QoS and Security-aware solutions in collaborative wireless networks", Computers & Electrical Engineering,

Vol.97, pp.107656, Jan .2022.

Ramraj Dangi, Praveen Lalwani, Gaurav Choudhary, Ilsun You, Giovanni Pau, "Study and Investigation on 5G Technology: A Systematic Review", Sensors, Vol. 22, pp. 26, Jan. 2022.

Xiaolin Gui, Yuanlong Cao, Ilsun You, Lejun Ji, Yong Luo, Zhenzhen Luo, "A Survey of techniques for fine-grained web traffic identification and classification." Mathematical Biosciences and Enginerring, 19(3): 2996-3021. Jan. 2022.​


Ilsun You, Hwankuk Kim, Taek-Young Youn, Francesco Palmieri, Igor Kotenko, "Mobile Internet Security: 5th International Symposium, MobiSec 2021, Jeju Island, South Korea, October 7-9, 2021, Revised Selected Papers." Communications in Computer and Information Science, Springer Nature, ISBN 9811695768, 9789811695766​

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