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2023 Journals

Sandi Rahmadika, Philip Virgil Astillo, Gaurav Choudhary, Daniel Gerbi Duguma, Vishal Sharma, Ilsun You," Blockchain-Based Privacy Preservation Scheme for Misbehavior Detection in Lightweight IoMT Devices." IEEE J. Biomed. Health Informatics 27(2): 710-721 Feb. 2023

Letian Li, Ying Liu, Ilsun You, Fei Song, "A Smart Retransmission Mechanism for Ultra-Reliable Applications in Industrial Wireless Networks." IEEE Trans. Ind. Informatics 19(2): 1988-1996 Feb. 2023

Hoonyong Park, Taeguen Kim, Daniel Gerbi Duguma, Jiyoon Kim, Ilsun You, Willy Susilo, "An Enhanced Group Key-Based Security Protocol to Protect 5G SON Against FBS." Comput. Syst. Sci. Eng. 45(2): 1145-1165 (2023)

Ankush Mitra, Basudeb Bera, Ashok Kumar Das, Sajjad Shaukat Jamal, Ilsun You, "Impact on blockchain-based AI/ML-enabled big data analytics for Cognitive Internet of Things environment." Comput. Commun. 197: 173-185 Jan. 2023

Fei SongYuyin MaZhenhui YuanIlsun YouGiovanni PauHongke Zhang, "Exploring Reliable Decentralized Networks with Smart Collaborative Theory." IEEE Commun. Mag. 61(8): 44-50 Aug. 2023.

Xinxin HanGuichen GaoYang WangHing-Fung TingIlsun YouYong Zhang, "Online data caching in edge computing." Concurr. Comput. Pract. Exp. 35(17) Feb. 2023.

Pakarat MusikawanYanika KongsorotIlsun YouChakchai So-In, "An Enhanced Deep Learning Neural Network for the Detection and Identification of Android Malware." IEEE Internet Things J. 10(10): 8560-8577 May. 2023.

Jianghong WeiXiaofeng ChenJianfeng WangWilly SusiloIlsun You, "Towards secure asynchronous messaging with forward secrecy and mutual authentication." Inf. Sci. 626: 114-132 Jan. 2023.

Jiyoon KimJongmin OhDaehyeon SonHoseok KwonPhilip Virgil AstilloIlsun You, "APSec1.0: Innovative Security Protocol Design with Formal Security Analysis for the Artificial Pancreas System." Sensors 23(12): 5501 June. 2023.

Fei SongYuyin MaIlsun YouHongke Zhang, "Smart Collaborative Evolvement for Virtual Group Creation in Customized Industrial IoT." IEEE Trans. Netw. Sci. Eng. 10(5): 2514-2524 Oct. 2023.

ZengRi ZengBaokang ZhaoHan-Chieh ChaoIlsun YouKuo-Hui YehWeizhi Meng, "Towards Intelligent Attack Detection Using DNA Computing." ACM Trans. Multim. Comput. Commun. Appl. 19(3s): 126:1-126:27 Feb. 2023.

Ilsun YouHwankuk KimPelin Angin, "Mobile Internet Security - 6th International Symposium, MobiSec 2022, Jeju, South Korea, December 15-17, 2022, Revised Selected Papers." Communications in Computer and Information Science 1644, Springer 2023, ISBN 978-981-99-4429-3 

Ilsun YouTaek-Young Youn, "Information Security Applications - 23rd International Conference, WISA 2022, Jeju Island, South Korea, August 24-26, 2022, Revised Selected Papers." Lecture Notes in Computer Science 13720, Springer 2023, ISBN 978-3-031-25658-5

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