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2021년 8-9월 신규 논문 게재

Jiyoon Kim, Daniel Gerbi Duguma, Sangmin Lee, Bonam Kim, JaeDeok Lim, and Ilsun You, "Scrutinizing the Vulnerability of Ephemeral Diffie–Hellman over COSE (EDHOC) for IoT Environment Using Formal Approaches", Mobile Information Systems, vol. 2021, Article ID 7314508, 18 pages, 2021.

Jiyoon Kim, Daniel Gerbi Duguma, Philip Virgil Astillo, Hoon-Yong Park, Bonam Kim, Ilsun You, and Vishal Sharma, "A Formally Verified Security Scheme for Inter-gNB-DU Handover in 5G Vehicle-to-Everything," IEEE Access, vol. 9, pp.119100-119117, August 2021.


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