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2020 Journals

Bocheng Yu, Xingjun Zhang, and Ilsun You, "Collaborative Cache Allocation and Transmission Scheduling for Multi-User in Edge Computing," IEEE Access, Volume. 8, pp. 163953-163961, September 2020.

Yuanlong Cao, Jing Chen, Qinghua Liu, Gang Lei, Hao Wang, and Ilsun You, "Can Multipath TCP be Robust to Cyber Attacks With Incomplete Information?," IEEE Access, Volume. 8, pp. 165872-165883, September 2020.

Vishal Sharma, Ilsun You, Karl Andersson, Francesco Palmieri, Mubashir Husain Rehmani, and Jae-Deok Lim, "Security, Privacy and Trust for Smart Mobile- Internet of Things (M-IoT): A Survey," IEEE Access, Volume. 8, pp. 167123-167163, September 2020.

Philip Virgil Astillo, Jiyoon Kim, Vishal Sharma, and Ilsun You, "SGF-MD: Behavior Rule Specification-Based Distributed Misbehavior Detection of Embedded IoT Devices in a Closed-Loop Smart Greenhouse Farming System," IEEE Access, Volume. 8, pp. 196235-196252, October 2020.

Fei Song, Mingqiang Zhu, Yutong Zhou, Ilsun You, and Hongke Zhang, "Smart Collaborative Tracking for Ubiquitous Power IoT in Edge-Cloud Interplay Domain," IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Vol. 7, No. 7, pp. 6046-6055, July 2020.

Jiho Shin, Ilsun You, and Jung Taek Seo, "Investment Priority Analysis of ICS Information Security Resources in Smart Mobile IoT Network Environment Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process," Mobile Information Systems, 2020:8878088:1-8878088:11, November 2020.

Gaurav Choudhary, Philip Virgil AStillo, Ilsun You, Kangbin Yim, Ing-Ray Chen, and Jin-Hee Cho, "Lightweight Misbehavior Detection Management of Embedded IoT Devices in Medical Cyber Physical Systems," IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, Vol. 17, No. 4, pp. 2496-2510, July 2020.

Borja Bordel, Ramón Alcarria, Tomas Robles, and Ilsun You, "A Predictor-Corrector Algorithm Based on Laurent Series for Biological Signals in the Internet of Medical Things," IEEE Access, Volume. 8, pp. 109360 - 109371, June 2020.

Junxian Cai, Weiwei Sun, Jianfeng Guan, and Ilsun You, "Multi-ECGNet for ECG Arrythmia Multi-Label Classification," IEEE Access, Volume. 8, pp. 110848 - 110858, June 2020.

Songyun Wang, Jiabin Yuan, Xiaoda Zhang, Zhuzhong Qian, Xin Li, and Ilsun You, "QoS-aware flow scheduling for energy-efficient cloud data centre network," ​International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing, Vol. 34, No. 3, July 2020.

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Baokang ZhaoJiahao LiuZiling Wei, and Ilsun You, "A Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Approach for Energy-Efficient Channel Allocation in Satellite Internet of Things," IEEE Access, Volume. 8, pp. 62197-62206, March 2020.

Zile DengYuanlong CaoXinyu ZhouYugen YiYirui Jiang, and Ilsun You, "Toward Efficient Image Recognition in Sensor-Based IoT: A Weight Initialization Optimizing Method for CNN Based on RGB Influence Proportion," Sensors, Vol. 20, No. 10, pp. 2866:1-2866:14, May 2020.

Takshi GuptaFabio Arena, and Ilsun You, "Efficient Resource Allocation for Backhaul-Aware Unmanned Air Vehicles-to-Everything (U2X)," Sensors, Vol. 20, No. 10, pp. 2994:1-2994:18, May 2020.

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Fei SongZheng-Yang AiYutong ZhouIlsun YouKim-Kwang Raymond ChooHongke Zhang, "Smart Collaborative Automation for Receive Buffer Control in Multipath Industrial Networks," IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Volume. 16, No. 2, pp. 1385-1394, February 2020.

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